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We invite AI, ML, BI platform providers to join our partner network.  Refer your clients who need data services to Liberty Source, or take advantage of our white-label option to offer a full suite of data solutions to your clients.

Do you offer a top-performing labeling or annotation tool?  We use a variety of commercially-available applications in combination with our proprietary data handling processes to maximize efficiency and accuracy.  Find out how you can become part of our solutions workbench - and also how we can provide human-in-the-loop support to clients who have already licensed your platform

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Given the changes at AOL the past few years, we were fortunate to have an outsourcing partner who could deliver stable business services, ramp up for projects such as new acquisitions and drive a culture of continuous improvement - all while supporting those who are servicing or have served our country.

April Russo

AOL - A Verizon Company

They have helped us unlock significant value by efficiently creating clean, structured datasets from unstructured data sources. These traditionally difficult-to-analyze datasets are an important input into our daily work.

Jeff Wecker

Chief Technology Officer - Two Sigma

As a Public Benefit Corporation, Liberty Source is passionate about giving back to our local community and partnering with organizations that align with our mission to provide sustainable careers for military spouses and veterans.

Cindy Gallagher

Military Family Advisor

The creation of Oath, was an extremely complex global initiative impacting hundreds of employees both internally and across numerous outsourced service providers. Liberty Source was a partner from the start and assisted across all aspects of process and system training. This mission of Liberty Source - supporting veterans and spouse of military - is not the only thing to admire, they also are dedicated to execution and partnership no matter what changes come their way.

Scott Gardner

Oath Controller

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Our partner programs let platform providers focus on product development that fuels business growth – while we deliver essential human-in-the-loop services for your clients.

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