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Real Estate & Home Finance

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Proudly 100% U.S. Based, Defining the Future of AI Innovation

At DataInFormationSM, we leverage advanced technology to unlock inaccessible real estate and mortgage data, enabling superior performance from AI/ML/BI investments.

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Entrust your data to a partner that is as obsessed with accuracy and security as you are.

As a 100% on-shore data services provider, using the DataInFormationSM suite of solutions ensures that your valuable data never leaves the continental United States.  And beyond data security, with our team of U.S. - based annotators, data engineers, process engineers and project managers you avoid the cultural alignment issues and time zone challenges that arise when attempting to label images or annotate text files using overseas resources.

Real Estate & Home Finance


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Historic (Liber-based) Real Property Data Capture

A large financial institution required historic real property data for a home affordability analysis, but faced challenges with low-resolution PDF images. With over 50 million characters of data, manual entry was impractical. The solution involved staging, automated scanning, human-augmented data capture, quality assurance checks, and formatting. Despite the complexity, the process achieved a 99.5% capture accuracy, meeting requirements and exceeding throughput expectations.

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AI-Driven Bank Statement Analysis

In the competitive field of non-QM lending, a lender identified the need for quicker income analysis for self-employed borrowers. The manual process was time-consuming and lacked scalability. To streamline operations, they aimed to implement an AI-driven automated platform, contingent on near-perfect data capture and fraud detection.

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