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DataInFormationSM optimizes AI, ML, BI, and LLM platforms for superior output.

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Entrust your high-value / high-signal data to a provider that is as obsessed with security and accuracy as you are

The DataInFormationSM suite of solutions can help operationalize the vast amounts of data that are produced from a wide variety of sources – with fully customizable levels of security and accuracy based on specific project requirements.



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Historic (Liber-based) Real Property Data Capture

In a bid to conduct a comprehensive home affordability analysis, a major financial institution faced a daunting challenge. They required historic real property data, originally stored in liber volumes but now digitized into low-resolution PDF images. With over 50 million characters to process, manual data entry proved unfeasible due to the poor image quality, characterized by wrinkles, skewing, and misalignment. To overcome this hurdle and extract valuable insights efficiently, innovative solutions were essential.

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Your Bad Data Quality is a Liability

Liberty Source delves into the pervasive impact of poor data quality on businesses and the strategies to mitigate its consequences. Exploring the financial, operational, and reputational risks associated with bad data, the blog offers actionable insights to enhance data quality management practices, empowering organizations to harness the full potential of their data assets.

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