Suddenly, finding a needle in a haystack looks easy.


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Delivering top-tier AI solutions, 100% American-made.

DataInFormationSM harnesses the power from the vast amounts of unstructured data created every minute of every day by the logistics industry.

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Entrust your data to a partner that is as obsessed with timeliness and accuracy as you are.

Transporting, storing, and managing resources has always been a vital component of any business. Today it has become far more complex - and needs to happen faster and more efficiently than ever before.

DataInFormationSM creates orderly, structured datasets that carriers can then use to streamline their routes; optimize maintenance intervals on vehicles; help their clients manage inventory levels; and identify profitable new markets to enter.




Data is the New Aluminum

Liberty Source's blog delves into the analogy of data as the modern-day equivalent of aluminum, emphasizing its transformative impact across industries. Through real-world examples, the post highlights how organizations leverage data to drive innovation, streamline operations, and enhance decision-making. Offering actionable insights, it underscores the importance of embracing a data-centric approach to unlock business success in today's digital age.

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Optimizing Retail Operations through AI Integration

A multinational logistics corporation faced inefficiencies in inventory management, route planning, and demand forecasting, impacting costs and operational agility.

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Embrace the explosive growth of AI and BI tools in logistics. Prepare unstructured data for advanced technology and unlock actionable insights. Elevate your supply chain operations.

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