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DataInFormationSM optimizes AI and BI implementations in the P&C and Health markets, personal and commercial lines, to reduce loss ratios and to drive revenue growth.

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Liberty Source can help carriers utilize the power of the massive amounts of data they obtain and produce to:

+  More effectively evaluate individual P&C claims

+  Proactively manage broader market trends

+  Reduce expense ratios in claims handling and core operations



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Healthcare Payer Data Synchronization

Healthcare payer organizations face challenges with member data stored in disparate databases, leading to inconsistent reporting and hindering AI and BI implementations. Aligning data elements across sources is essential to improve accuracy and decision-making.

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Gene Microarray and Image Analysis

In a Comparative Effectiveness Research initiative, the Principal Investigator grappled with integrating extensive genetic and image data alongside standard patient information. With microarray gene expression experiments and CAT scans producing vast amounts of data, managing and analyzing these datasets became both time-consuming and costly. Explore the challenges and solutions encountered in handling large-scale data integration for groundbreaking research.

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