Case Study

Resume Mining for Industry-Specific Expertise


The type of information contained in resumes is generally consistent – but the format, content, and level of detail varies significantly from one document to another. This inconsistency makes it difficult or impossible to accurately parse the data programmatically. Parsing and capturing data becomes even more difficult when mining resumes for information related to very specific questions or applicant attributes. .


Best Practices

Data Type

Semi-Structured (.pdf, .docx)

Project Duration

30 Days




Our Data Associates reviewed over 1,000 resumes per day and captured specified information which could not be performed by unassisted AI or ML applications due to the significant variance in file types, resume format, and phraseology. For example, our human-in-the-loop approach allowed Associates to leverage context and judgment to determine the likely location of applicants based on school or work history rather than their mailing address, and to identify specific skills, awards, and other attributes that may not be specifically labelled as such.


Being able to accurately identify and capture these kinds of specific details enabled the client to categorize applicants in a more precise way – streamlining downstream reviews and enhancing compliance with applicable regulations.

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