Case Study

Airline Data Ticket Aggregation


A U.S.-based travel services firm provides financial settlement services between airlines and thirdparty ticket sellers. To improve the accuracy of the settlements, the firm needed to begin utilizing data from Ticketed reservations instead of from the traditional Reserved itineraries. This would entail collecting ticket data from all commercial airlines worldwide, requiring the largest data structure in the industry to contain data on over 1.2B tickets annually.


Transportation / Airlines

Data Type

Structured (delimited .csv)

Project Duration

6 Months




A prescribed data format specifying the required fields and delineation parameters was provided to each airline. A team of six data analysts worked with the airlines to provide instruction and to acquire sample data to verify both the consistency of the feed mechanism and compliance with the specified format. Each file was initially processed via a proprietary automated intake mechanism, then verified with a human-in-the-loop validation.


Validating compliance with the input specifications via a human-augmented process ensured that the data structured not only contained accurate information, but that it was readily accessible for accurate transactions and for analytic purposes.

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