At Liberty Source our talent is the foundation of our capabilities. Our employees are dedicated to enhancing their careers through excellent service, making profound contributions to our clients, team members and our community. Our SERVE Award is presented to employees who demonstrate exemplary commitment to Liberty Source’s core values.

Succeed with Integrity

We define success as working within our values to honor commitments we have made to our clients, their customers, and to our mission.

five stars

Sally Vyrostek

Joined Liberty Source on October 6, 2014. Spouse of former military.

Sally Vyrostek, or “Ms. Sally” as most affectionately refer to her, has been much more than the Office Administrator. Starting with Liberty Source in October of 2014 Ms. Sally has been successful in multiple roles within the company. She is skilled with the ability to serve where the company needed her in the following roles: in 2014 she was a FA on the Reporting team, in 2015 she transitioned to the role of Staff Accountant in the Ad Rev dept., in 2017 Ms. Sally joined the Billing team as a DA & later that year joined the Cash Applications team as a FA.

Though Ms. Sally held production roles throughout this period she quickly became known as the unofficial meeting and events coordinator, the LS pastry chef, the office manager. If you needed something, or needed to get something order, fixed, or planned, it was Ms. Sally that was always there. She ensured Liberty Source presented their best when hosting a client, board, guest, or company function.

In April of 2017 Ms. Sally joined the facilities team as the Office Administrator. Sally has continued to be on the front line of building support. She is passionate about helping everyone. Her teammates state, “She is one of the driving forces to ensure things get done, and get done right. She takes the extra time to ensure things will run smoothly”. Ms. Sally honors her commitments and goes above and beyond on a daily basis.

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Encourage Growth and Development

We commit ourselves to providing a rich learning environment for our employees; to become a learning organization in support of clients; and to grow and develop to our full potential.

five stars

Josefina Dilday

Joined Liberty Source on November 16, 2015. Spouse of retired military. Parent of active duty.

Josefina joined the Liberty Source family in November of 2015 as a Collections Financial Analyst. Josefina’s professionalism, excellent customer rapport, and strength and ability to train quickly became apparent as she emerged as a leader amongst her peers.

January of 2017 Josefina was promoted to Collections Senior Financial Analyst joining a new account. Josefina works closely with other departments to encourage a team-based atmosphere. Her teammate stated, Josefina has continued to encourage and develop me as a collector, she is patient and thoroughly explains every process. She ensures the right answer, gets to the right person, at the right time. Josefina is all about sharing her corporate knowledge with the team so we can all grow and expand our job skills”.

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Rely on One Another

We entrust each other with our collective success by demonstrating transparency in our intentions; resiliency in the face of adversity, and a bias for serving the greater good.

five stars

Jennifer Harris

Joined Liberty Source on December 9, 2016. Spouse of active duty.

Since joining Liberty Source in December of 2016, Jennifer Harris has become foundational training pillar, serving as a Data Entry Specialist on the Municipal Procurement team. Also nominated for the Core Value of Encourages Growth and Development, Jennifer’s teammates know they can rely on her for training support, eager to share her wealth of knowledge, as well as rely on her positive attitude to stand strong in the face of adversity.

Jennifer stands out as a voice for her team. She is passionate about continued training and commits herself to providing a rich learning environment, which directly impacts the team’s ability to meet the client’s requirements.

Jennifer’s teammates stated, “There has literally been no on more helpful to me than Jennifer. She took the initiative to train me, and she literally helps everyone in the EMMA project, answering questions for rookies and vets alike”.

Jennifer Harris demonstrates the core value of Rely on One Another everyday she walks through the doors.

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Value Operational Excellence

We are uncompromising in our quest to achieve the highest standards of service excellence as we are entrusted with our clients, their customers and their brand.

five stars

Steven Brickhouse

Joined Liberty Source on September 25, 2017. Marine Corps veteran.

September 2017 Steven joined Liberty Source becoming a Data Entry Specialist on the Holdings team.

Steven’s thirst for knowledge, paired with his eagerness to study and discover the details, and strong ability to disseminate instructions and guidance to his peers, has gained Steven both peer and client recognition.

The client has recognized Steven for his ability to execute quickly and accurately, noting his high quality of work and advising he is exactly what they would want in a Subject Matter Expert.

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Embrace Change

We recognize the contributions of those who have gone before with an unyielding resolve to succeed in the present. We look to adapt to change by adopting emerging best practices to ensure we forge a future worthy of our mission.

five stars

Keith Taylor

Joined Liberty Source on August 1, 2016. Air Force veteran.

Keith joined the Bloomberg Mutual Funds team August 2016. Keith quickly became successful, achieving above the standards and breaking records on a daily basis.

January of this year Keith embraced change by coming to a new team and began setting an example of how to succeed and conquer a new project right away. As a new member to the Special Projects team, Keith quickly learned the tasked and applied his skill set, trained others, and emerged as a leader.

His teammate stated, “Keith embraces change daily by bringing in positivity to the work environment. He shines no matter what building he’s in or what team he’s on, he always brings excellent positive energy”.

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