At Liberty Source our talent is the foundation of our capabilities. Our employees are dedicated to enhancing their careers through excellent service, making profound contributions to our clients, team members and our community.  We are proud to introduce our inaugural SERVE Award winners.

Succeed with Integrity

We define success as working within our values to honor commitments we have made to our clients, their customers, and to our mission.

five stars

Duane Jackson

Duane exudes positivity and “proactiveness”. Working closely with his team, manager and client, Duane communicates effectively ensuring all stakeholders are informed.

Encourage Growth and Development

We commit ourselves to providing a rich learning environment for our employees; to become a learning organization in support of clients; and to grow and develop to our full potential.

five stars

Latoya Hill

Latoya epitomizes growth and development.  Since joining in 2014, Latoya has moved from Financial analyst, to senior financial analyst to manager.  She remains persistently focused on her personal growth while contributing at a high level.

Rely on One Another

We entrust each other with our collective success by demonstrating transparency in our intentions; resiliency in the face of adversity, and a bias for serving the greater good.

five stars

Kristy Michaels

When it comes to supporting her peers and their teams, Kristy sees no boundaries.  She is known for stepping up to the plate and helping wherever needed, adding bandwidth and experience to any challenge.

Value Operational Excellence

We are uncompromising in our quest to achieve the highest standards of service excellence as we are entrusted with our clients, their customers and their brand.

five stars

Stephanie Farmer

Stephanie’s personal commitment to excellence has inspired others to push past barriers and challenges. 
She’s a positive influence on her team, marked as the SME in her area and an undeniable leader. Stephanie consistently goes the extra mile.

She is excellence personified!

Embrace Change

We recognize the contributions of those who have gone before with an unyielding resolve to succeed in the present. We look to adapt to change by adopting emerging best practices to ensure we forge a future worthy of our mission.

five stars

Kendall Woods

Kendall continually steps up to lead his team. He takes initiative on projects that change regularly. The only consistent matter on this team is change. Kendall’s agility allows him to accommodate, even when it isn’t easy or convenient.  He assures others of a continuing, enjoyable, successful relationship with our client and internal teams.