• Embracing military talents - slide 1

    Embracing military talents - slide 1

  • bringing jobs home - slide 2

    bringing jobs home - slide 2

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    girl holding American flag - slide 3

An organization dedicated to providing service and support to our clients utilizing the talents of our military spouses and veterans.

five stars

five stars

civilian shaking hands with a military personnel

liberty source iconDual Mission

Commercial Mission

Flexible and competitive on-shore business services, that are open & responsive to our customers changing business.

Social Mission

Leveraging the unique talents of military spouses and veterans—and providing them with a commercially sophisticated skills-based “on-ramp” to careers. Honoring this community that has sacrificed so much.

liberty source iconOur Values


Succeed with Integrity

Encourage Growth and Development

Rely on One Another

Value Operational Excellence

Embrace Change

military woman hugging her husband
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liberty source iconLearning Organization

At Liberty Source we aspire to be a Learning Organization.  We believe facilitating the learning of our employees and harnessing their insights allows us to continually transform ourselves.  Our purpose as a learning organization is to remain competitive in a way that raises the bar for what it means to deliver service excellence to our clients. 

  • Supportive and Engaged Leaders
  • Intuitive Knowledge Process 
  • Culture of Continuous Improvement 
  • Defined Learning Structure