Bringing Jobs Back Home

As a business process services outsourcing company, or BPO, Liberty Source is the first viable onshore alternative to traditional offshore business process outsourcing. We’re able to offer finance and accounting, human resources, customer care and specialized industry processes for clients seeking a flexible, cost-effective, and U.S.-based solution, harnessing the talents of military spouses and veterans.

There’s no doubt offshore business process outsourcing provides a range of benefits–such as lower cost, rapid standardization and the ability to tap into large pools of talent. But they’re now seeing that better communication, cultural awareness, and knowledge of the client’s business is also important. And those benefits can only be found onshore from facilities like our operations center in historic Fort Monroe, Virginia.

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Delivering a Different Value Proposition

We’re focused on delighting the client and improving our productivity every step of the way. As a result, we focus on eliminating the “us and them” that often characterizes outsourcing relationships, giving transparency into our operations, and managing our talent like the client’s farm team. And we’re not committed to working only one way—we can work under a BPO contract, as a virtual captive, or as part of a global provider’s delivery team.

We’re not about overselling and underperforming. What we’re set up to do is deliver a range of core business processes very well.

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Harnessing the Talents of Military Spouses and Veterans

The over 750,000 spouses of men and women in the military don’t have much flexibility to pursue their own careers. As a result, they are 30% more likely to be unemployed with 38% less personal income when compared to their civilian counterparts, even though they are generally more highly educated.

Liberty Source is dedicated to launching and sustaining the careers of members of the military community with a focus on military spouses. By building a viable, commercial onshore business process services offering and locating our operations in military communities, we are able to help un- or underemployed spouses get on the first rung of the career ladder, often putting their educations to use for the first time, and/or giving them the skills and capabilities they need to flourish in professional jobs.  We are proud to say that over 70% of our “shipmates” have a direct affiliation with the military as either a spouse or veteran.

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Giving Organizations a Viable Option to Link Business Practices with Social Responsibility

Liberty Source’s compelling social mission—providing career and training opportunities to a dedicated, under-employed pool of highly skilled military spouses– along with other members of the military community—provides additional value to organizations seeking to link their business practices to corporate social responsibility (CSR).  More and more of our clients have begun to take a broader view of their CSR, with some including it as part of their sales strategy.  The fact that we have elected to build Liberty Source around a capable military community, is no longer just the right thing to do, it is good business.

As a Public Benefit Corporation, Liberty Source’s shares are fully owned by acclaimed Digital Divide Data (DDD), a 501(c)3 nonprofit that has delivered offshore outsourcing services with social impact since 2001.

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